Updated Partner Concierge website

The Partner Concierge website has undergone a major overhaul to enable faster self serve. The vast majority of requests through to Partner Concierge are now signposted in the revamped site.

Partner Concierge

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) – the starting point for all support queries and anything to do with Partner membership, competencies, IUR’s and technical support. Includes:

  • MPN Core benefits
  • Top Partner questions
  • Live chat
  • Cloud enablement desk
  • Partner Support Community
  • Online submission form
  • Microsoft Partner Community
  • Technical services blog
  • Phone support

Partner Centre – all the resources that are available via the MPN Portal plus Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) specific resources.

Operational Support – Download the guide ‘How to engage with Microsoft Operations’, and to stay up to date you can raise a CLT (call logging tool) to be added to the distribution list for future releases.

Microsoft Readiness – Formally known as the Microsoft Readiness app. Provides detailed guidance on everything dealt with by our operations team including license programs, sales operation guides, orders and fulfilment, systems and tools, fees, rebates and incentives.

Marketing Concierge - Evolve your marketing and offer the best possible service to your customers through our vast range of marketing and sales services.

  • Offering ready-to-go packages to help drive customer product usage to then ensure repeatable business and most importantly, contribute to retaining customer loyalty
  • Contact: ukmc@microsoft.com

A lot of work has gone in to the site based on your feedback and areas for self serve. Please feel free to give your feedback on the changes in the Disqus area below!