Streaming Analytics Lab

Introduction to Streaming Analytics, create a Streaming Analytics Job and perform simple aggregations on the events from files or IoT Hub or Event Hubs.

IoT Central Lab

Introduction to IoT Central, create and monitor a sample IoT Central application.

IoT Hub Lab

An intro to IoT Hub, create a IoT Hub and simulate a device in your machine and push messages to cloud (IoT Hub).

Azure 101 Logic App Lab

Create a Logic App with an http endpoint ready to receive a JSON payload containing feedback information. Extend with conditional emails and permanent loggi...

Functions - Lab

In this lab we explore the use of Functions.

DevOps with VS Code, VSTS & Azure App Service

In this lab we will use Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Team Services to create a continuous integration/continuous deployment pipeline to deploy a Node...

Web App Lab

Create a web app and then pull some html content from GitHub. CLI and Portal options.

Virtual Machine Quickstart Lab

Follow a quickstart to create a Windows or Linux VM, via either the portal, CLI or PowerShell

Portal Lab

Familiarise yourself with the portal, customise the dashboard and create your first vNet