Azure DevOps Lab using .NET Core and Docker Machine

Azure DevOps Lab using .NET Core and Docker Machine

This lab is a walkthrough guide on creating a web app with .NET Core (using the CLI & VSCode no Visual Studio required!). Then deploy it into Azure via VSTS and using Docker Machine to stand-up a Docker host

The scenario will cover:

  • .NET Core (ASP MVC webapp)
  • Docker & Docker Machine
  • Azure
  • VSTS

You do not need to be an .NET expert for the coding part but you will need to make basic changes to a C# file, and some HTML. Likewise no prior experience with VSTS and Azure is required (but obviously beneficial).

Note. The scenario purposely does not use Azure Container Service, for this learning scenario Docker Machine presents a simpler & more lightweight way to get started with Docker running in Azure

link Access the full lab on my GitHub