Newsletter 11th April 2017

Updates to the Azure Skills Initiative

Learning the vast amount of technologies which are available in modern hyper scale clouds can be a daunting prospect to even the most avid of technologists. With this in mind, Microsoft launched the “Azure Skills” Initiative to help address the need to Mass Online training as well as provide technologists looking to build their skills on Azure, access to reduced cost courses and exam fees.

New Courses are coming online all the time, we recently created new course content for the following subjects

Migrating Workloads to Azure Application Monitoring and Feedback Loops [Infrastructure as Code}(

Given the ever expanding list of services and updates to those services we are looking to add courses over the coming year, the plan for this is listed below, please be advised that this may be subject to change;

  • Data & Analytics courses releasing in Q4
    • Delivering a Data Warehouse in the Cloud (available April 24)
    • Developing NoSQL Solutions in Azure (available April 24)
    • Processing Big Data with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight (available April 24)
    • Implementing Real-Time Analytics with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight (available April 24)
    • Implementing Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure HDInsight (available April 24)
    • Processing Big Data with Azure Data Lake Analytics (available April 24)
    • Processing Real-Time Data Streams in Azure (available April 24)
    • Orchestrating Big Data with Azure Data Factory (available April 24)
    • Securing Data in Azure and SQL Server (available April 24)
    • Recovering Data in Azure and SQL Server (available April 24)
    • Provisioning SQL Server and Azure SQL Databases (available April 27)
  • Cloud Administration courses releasing in Q4
    • Azure Stack Configuration (release date TBD)
    • Developing Big Data Solutions with Azure Machine Learning (release date TBD)
    • Developing IoT Solutions with Azure IoT Hub (release date TBD)
    • Integrating Windows Server Identities with Microsoft Azure (release date TBD)
    • Integrating Windows Server Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure (release date TBD)
  • DevOps courses releasing in Q4
    • Introduction to DevOps (available April 24)
    • Mobile DevOps (release date TBD)
  • Cloud Development courses releasing in Q4
    • Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (available April 24)

If you haven’t checked out the Skills Initiative, I advise to do so. There is a huge wealth of content available to help you come up to speed with Azure Technologies, please follow this link for details

The Azure Podcast

If you are anything like me, you’ll be struggling to find the time to stay up to date with the latest news in the technology world, I rely on many aggregation services, RSS feeds, Twitter and Podcasts. You may or may not be aware of The Azure Podcast run by Sujit D’Mello, Cale Teeter, Evan Basalik and our very own UK PDU CSA-P Russell Young. The podcast covers a wide variety of technologies and very often product owners and programme managers will be invited to speak about new technologies which are coming down the line. If you are not already subscribed, please check out the following link for details.

Instant File Recovery from Azure Linux VMs

If you are someone who “drinks and roots” then you may be thankful that Azure now supports, in preview, the ability to perform file level recovery restores on Linux VMs. This functionality is supported across Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Redhat and Oracle Linux (Please consult the following link for supported version levels).

Azure Monitor Generally Available

Azure Monitor, generally available since the end of March is a great tool within the Resource Manager portal which enables easy access to metric data coming out of your resource types. Azure monitor gives you 30-days, for free, of retention data on resource type activity. You may have already been using Azure Monitor through the “Activity Log” of your various resource types, but now it is available as a stand alone blade to monitor all your ARM based resources. Please check out the following link for more details

Azure gaining adoption in the Enterprise

A survey commissioned by Sumo Logic ( and run by UBM research has found that Azure is the preferred cloud platform of choice in the enterprise. This is not really surprising given the Microsoft heritage in the enterprise and our commitment to innovation. However the survey is significant as Azure has traditionally held the second place to AWS in terms of Cloud usage and adoption. Please see the following link for details on the survey

Azure Surpasses AWS as the public cloud of choice

Sales training for selling Azure

Understanding how to sell Cloud to your customers and position the value of cloud is essential in the market we are in. Understanding the capabilities of the platform is one thing, understanding how your customers can leverage this new and exciting technology to transform their business is a definitive shift in how we sell to our customers.

If you want to learn how to succeed in this “Brave New World” then you will want to take a look at the below link which will allow you to register to upcoming webinar training events to help you position Azure solutions with your customers

Monetize the Cloud and Advance your Azure Business