Newsletter 8th May 2017

Azure Architecture Center

It can often be a struggle to know if you are doing something in a Azure correctly, It’s difficult to know which technology choice is the best when you have access to so many different solutions in a hyper scale cloud such as Azure. How ever you may, or may not, have been aware that as part of the Microsoft Documentation for Azure we have a number of different reference architectures for simple VM deployments right up to geo-resilient multi node configurations as well as best practices for developing cloud ready applications in Azure. I strongly advise you to look at the following link and go through the wealth of information therein as part of your learning on how to architect solutions in Azure

Azure Architecture Center Site

Azure Networking Blog Series and Channel 9 Videos

I trust we can all agree that in a hybrid networking environment, two components are key, Networking and Identity. Many partners who I speak to have questions around how best to manage the networking component, as identity ultimately relies in the networking. If you have questions or if there is anything you are not sure about around Azure networking I recommend you check out the below 3-part blog post of Azure networking

For those of you who want to go into more detail on specific Azure Networking technologies, then I advise you to check out the webinar video recordings from our EMEA Azure Networking specialists here at Microsoft. These videos will give you a wealth of information around all aspects of Azure networking to assist you in planning out your customer deployments.

Azure Billing Role and Invoice API

As a Microsoft CSP partner, you are going to be interested in the billing aspect of Azure. Recently a new role was added to the RBAC in Azure, Billing Reader role allows you to assign a user the ability to read billing information and nothing else. Great for service accounts to expose the billing information into a custom portal for you customers. The new billing API allows you now to also programmatically access billing information so you can automate or expose the billing information for your partners through a third party solution. Please click the following link for details

New Azure services in the UK

When you look at the services available in each Azure region, you will very quickly see that not all regions are equal, and with good reason. Regions vary in size and potential addressable market. It simply doesn’t make sense to offer all services in all regions. The UK regions are relatively new to the global Azure datacentre footprint and thus, has been lacking in certain features. In the below blog post Andres Juarez, Principal Program Manager for the UK Azure DCs talks about the latest additions to the UK Azure regions, including import/export, HDInsight and the Azure Container Registry

Microsoft Self-Paced Labs

Self-paced labs are a great way to gain experience and exposure to technologies. The below link will take you to the Microsoft Self-Paced Lab portal where you can spin up a lab environment and start working with different technology areas, not just related to Azure, and start learning through “doing”. Please take the time to browse the content and see if there is anything which appeals to you. As always, please feel free to reach out to your PDP and CSA-P aligned to your Partner organisation if there is anything you want to go into more depth on.

The Microsoft partner portals can be a daunting place to navigate, like many large vendor organisations with a large portfolio of solutions, we have portals which have grown in a somewhat organic nature. The below links are useful for our partners who are focused on Cloud Management and Infrastructure solutions



These links will take you directly to a wealth of information pertinent to the partner opportunity around Infrastructure and Infrastructure management, along with technical enablement and sales & marketing enablement as well as information on how to showcase your customer success stories and become recognised as a capable partner in this space