Virtual Data Centre Workshop

Virtual Data Centre Workshop

Ovewview and pre-requisites for the Virtual Data Centre (VDC) workshop.


The Virtual Data Centre (VDC) lab provides a theoretical overview and hands on lab to take the learner through the key constructs that are recommended for larger enterprise customers deploying to Azure.

VDC Workshop Topics

  • Deploy up the VDC lab
  • Explore the VDC environment
  • Configure VDC routing with NVAs and UDRs
  • Secure VDC with NSGs and Policies
  • Monitor VDC with Network Watcher and Azure Monitor
  • Role Based Access Control in a hub and spoke topology


The workshop requires the following:

  • Azure Subscription
    • If your workshop is being hosted by a Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect (CSA) then you will be provided with a code for an Azure Pass subscription
      • Open a private browser session, go to and create a new Microsoft account in format
      • Go to and follow the instructions to redeem the code and activate your Azure Pass
    • If you will be using you own subscription (e.g. Visual Studio Enterprise) then you can confirm that the subscription is valid for the workshop by checking the following in the portal:
      • prove the ability to create resources by creating a new resource group
      • check there are no stringent Virtual Machine or CPU quotas in Subscriptions -> Usage + Quotas
      • within Azure Active Directory, create a test user and group
    • Common pitfalls to avoid:
      • Free Trial accounts may have a CPU quota that is insufficient for the lab environment deployment to successfully complete
      • Redeeming an Azure Pass code against an email address previously used for a trial will succeed, but the activation will fail
      • Using a work email may mean that you do not have write access to the company’s directory and therefore you cannot create users and groups
  • Cloud Shell
    • In the Azure portal, click on the Cloud Shell icon at the top of the screen (>_), create the storage account for clouddrive and confirm it is working by typing az account show
  • Bash and CLI 2.0 (optional, recommended, only applicable for Windows 10)

Virtual Data Centre Workshop

The main virtual data centre workshop guide may be found here:

The workshop will follow the readme for the hands on lab element, and will also cover the fundamental concepts using the accompanying presentation materials.