About Azure Citadel

The content on this site is created and maintained by members of the Cloud Solution Architect community at Microsoft UK.

The main objective of this site is to provide resources to support Microsoft Partners who are either looking for both introductory and deep technical information on Microsoft Azure, or are looking to gain hands-on experience of using Azure capabilities.

On the site you can find:


Workshops are an in-depth exploration of a given topic area that typically takes 4+ hours to run through end-to-end. They are comprised of a combination of reading material, one or more practical labs, along with relevant reference materials or links.


Labs are guided exercises with step-by-step instructions to lead you though a given activity. You should be able to complete these on your own in 1-2 hours.


Demo apps & code that you are free to explore and use.


We have a number of Guides on key topics, and Tech Primers that are aimed at introducing you to the fundamental elements of a given technology or solution.

…and many other useful resources.

We want your feedback!

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Please note that this site is maintained on a voluntary basis and whist we make every effort to keep the content up-to-date, we can’t give any guarantees as to its accuracy.